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Guidance regarding Thanksgiving travel and COVID-19 protocols

Category: Travel

Dear Stanford community,

For those planning Thanksgiving travel, we hope your journeys are safe. We encourage you to be especially mindful of the protocols that guard against COVID-19.

In particular, please keep in mind the following, wherever the coming break finds you:

Face coverings are a proven safeguard against the spread of infection.

Mask as much as possible, particularly indoors, in crowded spaces, public transit and transportation hubs. In addition to travel settings, transmission risks can increase when socializing and over drinks and meals. Pack an adequate supply of face coverings.

Testing is vital in identifying infections, even among those not experiencing symptoms.

Be sure to complete COVID testing this week and Thanksgiving week if you will be on campus. During Thanksgiving week, Color dropboxes will be closed from 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 24 until 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 26, and test kit pickup locations will be closed all day on Thursday and Friday.

Identify any testing requirements for your destination and testing options en route in case you become symptomatic while traveling or at your destination. Make sure to have easy access to your testing and vaccination documents. Drop off your Color test kit 48-72 hours before your departure should you need results for your trip.

If you are not feeling well, testing is recommended. Keep in mind that some colds, allergies and other symptoms typical this time of year might instead be signs of COVID.

Boosters are extremely effective at extending the protection offered by initial COVID vaccinations.

In California, all individuals 18 years and older are eligible for COVID booster vaccines, depending on the date and type of vaccine they received. Booster appointments can be scheduled through Stanford Health Care, Santa Clara County, and other area health care providers and pharmacies.

While many of you will be spending the break with loved ones and friends, please be mindful of colleagues who are struggling with having to forgo holiday traditions due to travel restrictions or safety concerns.

Thank you for the care you are showing and the precautions you are taking. We hope you have a restful, enjoyable time, and look forward to being back together after Thanksgiving. And, if you are traveling, our campus return protocols remain available here.

James Jacobs, MD
Executive Director
Vaden Health Services

Rich Wittman, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Stanford University Occupational Health Center