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COVID-19 Potential Exposure Building List

The table below contains the list of buildings where an individual visited within the last two weeks who either had:

  • Tested positive for or had been diagnosed with COVID-19, or 
  • Been ordered to isolate by a public health official due to COVID-19

This table is automatically updated nightly, so updates are not real-time or immediately refreshed. The table is being provided as a transparency measure, it reflects the email notifications that are already being provided to individual building occupants on a building-by-building basis.

We encourage you to keep in mind several things about this table:

  • Being in a building where a COVID-positive person has been present does not mean you have been exposed. Individuals identified as high-risk close contacts are separately notified and given guidance (see below “High-risk close contacts”). All others should follow instructions for all other building occupants.
  • One person can visit many buildings in the course of a day. If 10 buildings are listed for a given date, this does not mean that 10 different COVID-positive individuals were on campus on that date. For the latest case numbers in our university community, please see the COVID-19 Dashboards here.
  • Stanford University has a high rate of vaccination in our community. Vaccination against COVID-19 is one of the most effective ways to prevent severe illness and hospitalization, as well as keep community spread low. For more information on the university’s vaccination policy, click here.

High-risk close contacts:

With each COVID-19 positive case, our Medical Team initiates our contact tracing process, and any high-risk close contacts to this individual are directly notified of their exposure and advised accordingly. If you do not receive such a notification, you are not known to be a high-risk close contact.

Instructions for all other building occupants:

If you were in a building where a positive case entered, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were exposed; regardless, you should follow the instructions below.

  1. No need to quarantine:  You are NOT REQUIRED to stay at home and quarantine.
  2. Health Check:  
    1. DO NOT indicate in Health Check that you are a high-risk close contact (unless you were directly contacted and informed of such status).
    2. Before coming onto campus each day, verify whether or not you feel well. 
    3. At any point, if you notice COVID-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, running/stuffy nose, or shortness of breath:
      1. Stay home
      2. Report your symptoms through Health Check.
      3. Contact your primary health care provider.
  3. Wear your face covering on campus as directed.

Follow other prevention measures regardless of vaccination status, as these measures significantly reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading COVID-19.