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Will the affected work area(s) be closed if someone TESTED POSITIVE for COVID-19?

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Yes — if the individual was onsite during the time period when they could have been infectious, the affected area(s) will be closed. The following describes this general process:

  1. EH&S will contact the PI/Supervisor or the department’s designated contact by phone to assess the need to close areas for additional cleaning services — affected spaces will typically be cleaned within 24 hours of the EH&S assessment.
    • PIs/Supervisors are instructed to notify workspace occupants of the space’s closure as soon as possible — communication channels include but are not limited to, email, Slack, phone, and posted signage alerting personnel of the temporary closure.
  2. EH&S will notify the PI/Supervisor and/or designated building contact, via email or phone, when the cleaning services have been completed and the location may be reopened.
    • PIs/Supervisors are instructed to notify workspace occupants as soon as the space is cleared to reopen.