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Changes to COVID testing program

Categories: Campus, Health & safety


  • Color testing program will end March 24 for employees and June 18 for students
  • Free rapid tests will continue to be provided
  • Community members should continue reporting positive COVID results

Dear Stanford community,
We are writing to share an update on COVID testing at Stanford.
This month, the university will begin transitioning away from the Color testing program while continuing to provide free rapid tests

  • For faculty, staff, and postdoctoral scholars, Color testing will end March 24, at the conclusion of winter quarter. 
  • For students, Color testing will end June 18, at the conclusion of spring quarter. 

After those dates, users will still be able to log into Color accounts and view all previous results, but will not be able to activate new tests. Click here for drop off locations during the transition.

This decision was based on recommendations from the Public Health Steering Committee, which monitors public health concerns and advises on policies for the university.

Free rapid tests will continue to be provided. Rapid testing remains a reliable way to detect individuals who are infectious with COVID, and it has been our primary method for identifying cases on campus since these tests became widely accessible. The Occupational Health Center and Vaden Health Services are able to order COVID PCR testing in specific circumstances and situations. Also, wastewater analysis continues to provide extensive data on the prevalence of the virus on campus and in our region.

Faculty, staff, and postdocs should continue reporting positive test results on Health Check, and students should do so on the Vaden patient portal. They should also use those portals for specific COVID-related exposure or health concerns. 
Thank you for your ongoing efforts to follow campus health protocols, including our strong recommendation for masking while in crowded settings. 
In good health,

James Jacobs, MD
Executive Director
Vaden Health Services
Chair of the Stanford University Public Health Steering Committee
Rich Wittman, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Stanford University Occupational Health Center