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What can I plan to take out of my lab?

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  • At this point you should not go to your lab without approval. You may arrange with your PI or lab manager to get permission to take notebooks, data storage devices, or computers to help you work remotely.
  • Under no circumstances should researchers take materials other than notebooks, laptops, data storage devices, or computers offsite (e.g., to their homes) to ensure research continuity during a curtailment.  All critical research must continue within the confines of appropriate laboratory space.
  • The University cannot approve the use of private residence for research purposes. Such work at home raises a number of  health and safety and potential building- and fire code-related concerns, which are subject to routine health and safety inspections and mitigation measures at the university laboratories and cannot be verified in a residential setting. These potential hazards include but are not limited to occupancy rating of the building (e.g., residential vs. research), electrical hazard associated with the use of the equipment (e.g., personnel safety, overload of circuitry, etc.), presence of untrained individuals in the research area, etc., none of which have been assessed by university.
  • Under no circumstances is it appropriate to remove animals from APLAC and VSC approved housing or research spaces.