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If someone TESTED POSITIVE for COVID-19 at work, who will be informed?

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If an employee (faculty, staff, student employee, or postdoc) reported through HealthCheck that they tested positive for COVID-19, and was onsite during their infectious period, the following individuals are informed:

High-risk close contacts

A high-risk close contact is a person who has had indoor unmasked and prolonged exposure (15 minutes, can be cumulative over time) to a positive case. Think: sharing a room, eating together indoors, riding together in a car, intimate partners. Unvaccinated individuals who have had close contact with a positive individual, are also high-risk close contacts.

The Stanford University Occupational Health Center (faculty/staff/postdocs) and Vaden Health Services (students) will reach out to individuals identified as high-risk close contacts onsite and provide instructions on quarantine and testing. 

General Building Occupants

In accordance with AB-685 requirements, an email notification will be provided to employees (and contractors) in the building where the positive case was reported to be present. The risk of exposure for this population (non-high risk close contact building occupant) is generally low. This notice serves as a reminder to be aware of possible symptoms development over the next 14-day period. Additionally, this reminder emphasizes the importance of wearing a face covering and practicing good hand hygiene as the best measures to mitigate possible exposure.

The Principal Investigator (PI) PI are notified by the Stanford University Occupational Health Center via phone and/or email.