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COVID-19 issues are negatively affecting the progress on my grant. What should I do?

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See the NIH memos published on March 9, 2020, regarding late applications and an FAQ. The NIHFederal Office of Management and Budget also released a memo indicating that grant “flexibilities are applicable to NIH applicants and recipients where the entity is conducting research activities related to or affected by COFID-19. Affected entities are those that have been closed, or business activities have been hindered due to COVID19 precautionary measures and/or illness they will evaluate if grant flexibilities should be extended to researchers or other recipients whose operations have been adversely impacted by the response to COVID-19. This guidance may come at a later date.” For programmatic issues affecting your study, we strongly recommend you speak with your agency Program Official or other sponsor contact.  If any issues should persist, they may need to be reported in future progress reports, or you may need a No Cost Extension to complete your study. Please coordinate any such actions with your OSR Officer or RMG RPM.