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Update on COVID-19 policies, Health Check and events

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Dear Stanford community,

Stanford continues to review and adjust campus COVID-19 protocols as public health conditions and rules change.

Some important changes in public health requirements over the next few weeks will significantly influence rules for our campus and community.

Several events occurring this month are helping guide our decisions:

  • June 15, when the State of California plans to end the color tier system.
  • June 18 to 20, when frosh, sophomores and other students newly arriving on campus for summer quarter move in.
  • June 26, the final day of the undergraduate restricted-activity period.

In addition, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA, yesterday withdrew a proposed rule regarding requirements for face coverings and physical distancing in workplaces. As a result, the university must continue to follow existing requirements until at least June 28.

The changes described below are part of our ongoing plans for ramping up for the 2021-22 academic year. We are working toward a fall quarter that is as close to normal as possible, but with modifications based on the health situation.

Please note that these changes will not affect COVID-19 protocols in place for Commencement activities on June 12 and 13.

Face coverings & physical distancing


  • Face covering use and physical distancing continue to be required in most work settings.
  • Stanford is continuing to monitor the evolving guidance from Cal/OSHA, and will have more information available in the next two weeks.
  • No density requirements are currently in place for administrative, academic and research facilities, but physical distancing continues to be required.
  • Face coverings for fully vaccinated persons are not required outdoors, except where physical distancing is difficult.

Students (effective June 26):

  • Face coverings and physical distancing will be required for all students in academic, research, and administrative buildings, dining halls (while not eating) and other select locations.
  • Maintenance, custodial and other workers who need to enter student residential areas to work, will ask students to step out of the room or space while the work is being done.
  • Face coverings will not otherwise be required for fully vaccinated students in residential areas, both indoors and outdoors.

Vaccinations & Health Check

The vaccination status question on Health Check, which has been voluntary, will require a response, as soon as June 17, from faculty, staff, students and postdocs coming on-site. Previously, this response was optional. Individuals are asked to provide this information if they have not already done so.

Also this month, fully vaccinated employees will be able to upload an image of their vaccination documentation to Health Check. Students will continue to upload their cards on the Vaden patient portal.

Data on vaccine status helps us learn the vaccination rate among our community and informs decisions to adjust campus policies while continuing to mitigate COVID-19 risks. In addition, as part of Santa Clara County’s May 18 health directive, employers are now required to determine which staff are fully vaccinated.

Please note: (1) No group or unit should create vaccination requirements separate from or more restrictive than university requirements. For more information, visit Health Alerts. (2) Health Check is the only approved channel through which the university asks for faculty/staff vaccination status. Individuals should not be asking peers or employees whether they have been vaccinated.

Additional guidance will be posted on Health Alerts before this requirement takes effect.

Campus zones & other outdoor spaces

As public health conditions improve and state regulations are relaxed, Stanford is restoring access to outdoor campus spaces for the university community and visitors.

Campus zones: This temporary program will end and restrictions on access to outdoor spaces will be lifted on June 16.

While the campus zones program will end, all visitors entering non-residential campus facilities need to be pre-approved and complete the visitor health attestation form.

Dish area: Users can once again walk in either direction along the main loop starting June 16.

Parking: Stanford will return to weekday enforcement of commuter and visitor parking on the main campus, rather than 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Visitor parking will again be available in all parts of the main campus starting June 16.

A careful focus will remain on indoor facility access to safely support the continued resumption of onsite teaching, research and other work.


Effective June 16, Stanford Environmental Health & Safety review of events sponsored by the university and affiliated groups with fewer than 500 participants will no longer be required.

  • Safety plans will continue to be required for larger events, residential programs or conferences, or events with a large number of individuals from outside the Stanford community.
  • Events of any size must comply with public health guidance.
  • Additional guidance is available here.

Updated guidelines on student gatherings are being developed and will be posted by Student Affairs once complete.

We appreciate the efforts across our campus community to keep one another safe.

Please continue following safety protocols and be vaccinated for COVID-19. Click here for resources and links to vaccination providers.