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County mandated change to breakroom and kitchenette access

Categories: Health & safety, Workplace & HR

Breakrooms, kitchens, and kitchenettes support legally required breaks for many employees at Stanford. During the pandemic, Santa Clara County is emphasizing the importance of limiting access to breakrooms and break areas to the extent possible, and especially limiting eating and drinking in these spaces, in order to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 

Effective January 4th, Stanford will limit access to breakrooms in order to comply with this addition to theĀ capacity limitations set by Santa Clara County, however alternative break spaces will be available. For more information please visitĀ Cardinal Recovery. Please note this does not apply to Stanford facilities in other counties outside of Santa Clara County, although Stanford continues to emphasize the importance of physical distancing and diligent hygiene practices in breakrooms in all locations in order to inhibit the spread of the virus.