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Updates to Stanford social distancing protocol & new resources

Category: Health & safety

Dear Stanford community members,

Effective Monday, July 13, Stanford will have updated our social distancing protocol in compliance with the latest Santa Clara County public health order. The county order requires that we share our protocol directly with you, and you can find it here on our Health Alerts website.

A key provision of this protocol includes new procedures if a person who has been working onsite tests positive for COVID-19. This protocol will be posted on the door of each facility in addition to other required postings. We encourage you to review the protocol for reminders of the safeguards that are important to take as we continue working to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To further aid in Stanford’s response to COVID-19, we have also added new resources to the Cardinal Recovery site.

  • Stanford Workplace COVID-19 Risk Matrix: The COVID-19 Risk Matrix assists supervisors in determining the level of risk to COVID-19 exposure associated with job tasks, as well as any necessary controls. The matrix focuses on a variety of factors, including the duration and frequency of work in close proximity to others. Contact EH&S for assistance with assessing work risk levels and identifying appropriate safety control measures at
  • Vendor Guidance: The new guidance on service vendor expectations supports building and department managers in ensuring vendors are aware of, and are complying with, Stanford safety protocols prior to any scheduled work on our campuses. The guidance includes a Service Vendor COVID-19 Safety Management checklist to use with Service Vendors.

Thank you again for your contributions during what has been a very challenging period. As we move forward in response to this pandemic, your efforts to promote a safer and healthier Stanford make an important difference in our community.


Russell Furr
Associate Vice Provost
Environmental Health & Safety