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Student financial support

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Stanford continues to be committed to helping students navigate the financial challenges that may come with the disruptions they are experiencing during this period of change.

TRAVEL: For undergraduates who needed to return home at the end of winter quarter, students receiving need-based aid from Stanford were able to book airline tickets directly using Stanford funds, and we have been processing reimbursements for other costs associated with their travel home. Through, students who were unable to take advantage of that system are able to request travel stipends. While graduate students have not been asked to leave campus, Emergency Grant-in-Aid funds are available to graduate students for whom emergency travel may be a financial hardship.

UNDERGRADUATE OFF-CAMPUS LIVING EXPENSES: For undergraduates receiving need-based financial aid who have had to leave campus, in addition to Stanford room and board not being charged for spring quarter, financial aid packages for spring quarter will factor in $2,000 of costs for food and other living expenses while living at home. For those students on need-based aid who are unable to return home but must pay rent elsewhere, financial aid packages are being further adjusted to account for those expenses.

CAMPUS WORK: Many employers around the university are working to make undergraduate jobs available as remote work. We recognize this will not be feasible in every situation. For all students receiving need-based aid who have a job as part of their financial aid package, the university is replacing that job expectation with scholarship funds for spring quarter.

GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS: Many graduate students are supported by research assistantships, fellowships and teaching assistantships. The provost has reassured all students that if they were offered TA, CA, or RA support for spring quarter, that support will be forthcoming. Students should recognize that they may be assigned to teach courses that are different from their original assignment. Schools will be communicating with students directly about this. To all recipients of graduate fellowships and financial aid in all schools, your fellowships and financial aid for spring quarter will be provided as promised if you are registered as a student. 

OTHER INFORMATION: More detailed information for undergraduates is available on the Health Alerts website here, and for graduate students and postdocs here.

GETTING HELP: Staff across the university continue to be available to students, including through Residence Deans and Graduate Life Office deans, 1:1 wellness coaching, 24/7 access to licensed counselors, Vaden medical services, the Bechtel International Center and more.

If you need assistance with financial aid, please reach out directly to the Financial Aid Office at For support with anything you need help navigating, please also feel free to reach out to a Residence Dean (for undergraduates) or a Graduate Life Office dean. Students can also submit a ServiceNow help ticket at and your request will be forwarded to the relevant office for a reply.  Stay well!