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Updates on COVID-19 vaccinations and Health Check

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Dear Stanford community,

About 1,160 undergraduates moved into our residential halls earlier this month, and nearly half of them are first-year frosh who are living on campus for the first time. The fact that we are able to bring so many students back for the summer after such a difficult year is a testament to the hard work, dedication and flexibility across our community that are enabling more and more of us to return to campus for the first time in a long time.

The university continues to review public health guidance and conditions and adjust campus protocols, while continuing to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19. An important step occurred June 26, when the restricted-activity period for undergraduates ended and we implemented new guidance from Cal/OSHA, the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Following up on our guidance after the Cal/OSHA decision was announced, we are writing to share updated information and additional steps we are taking to prepare for more normal times ahead – while continuing to put a premium on health and safety measures. Much of this guidance centers on vaccinations and Health Check submissions, which are essential parts of our toolbox.

Vaccination status and Health Check submissions

Several changes will involve the process for reporting vaccination status on Health Check and help highlight information that reflects improving conditions within our community.

First, beginning July 1, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars who have (1) listed their vaccination date(s) and manufacturers in Health Check and (2) uploaded an image of their documentation on Health Check will no longer be required to make Health Check submissions when coming to campus (unless they become symptomatic or receive a positive COVID test result) or to undergo regular testing. The upload feature will become available in Health Check at 5 p.m. on July 1.

In the coming weeks, students will also have this option after submitting vaccine documentation through the VadenPatient portal.

Second, two changes regarding vaccination status and related documentation for faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars:

  • Effective Sept. 9, the Health Check question on vaccination status will require individuals who are vaccinated to upload an image of their documentation. Currently, the question only requires vaccination date(s) and manufacturer.
  • Effective Aug. 9, individuals who come to campus and have not indicated they are fully vaccinated will be required to undergo weekly testing, continue making daily Health Check submissions and wear face coverings.

For now, testing continues to be required for students, regardless of vaccination status.

We encourage you to be vaccinated for COVID-19, and we thank you for continuing to follow safety guidelines. Click here for resources and links to vaccination providers.

Vaccination information on COVID dashboards

As we shared last week, the Stanford COVID dashboards began including data on vaccinated individuals June 28. The totals reflect submissions to Health Check in two categories: students and faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars. Because submissions are required only for those coming to campus and voluntary for any others, the totals are somewhat lower than the actual number of vaccinated individuals in the Stanford community.

Already, the results are very encouraging. More than 90 percent of those making Health Check submissions report that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. We continue to encourage vaccinations for community members and their loved ones. Click here for resources and links to vaccination providers.

Physical distancing and density

We have made further revisions based on the latest updates to state and federal regulations regarding physical distancing and density.

These rules no longer contain general requirements on minimum distancing between individuals or on COVID-related building or room density. As a result, physical distancing is not required, except for certain limited situations for unvaccinated individuals as described in our updated guidance.


We are asking all members of the Stanford community to continue to be respectful of each other’s privacy. Our colleagues need to make certain decisions at their own pace and based on their own comfort levels.

Please keep in mind that Health Check, and the VadenPatient portal for students, are the only approved channels through which the university asks for vaccination status. As with any other personal medical or health issue, supervisors, faculty and other colleagues should not ask students or co-workers about their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Anyone who is concerned about the vaccination status of colleagues, students or others they encounter on campus may choose to continue wearing a face covering or participate in the university’s free optional testing program.

Looking ahead, the coming weeks and fall quarter promise to be an exciting, hopeful time for our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding, your willingness to adjust and, most of all, your efforts to keep one another safe.

Russell Furr
Associate Vice Provost
Environmental Health & Safety