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Vaccine eligibility update, Feb. 28

Categories: Health & safety, Vaccine

We have been asked to further clarify eligibility requirements for individuals in the education category under Phase 1B. Specifically, managers have been asked whether employees who are working remotely are eligible under this category. We believe that individuals who are working 100 percent remotely do not qualify since the state guidelines require that they be “at risk of occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2 through their work.” It is our understanding that those who are being asked to resume work on-site in the coming weeks and who would be at risk of occupational exposure at work could be vaccinated now in anticipation of the return to work.  However, as we said in the message to the community on Friday, vaccine availability under the “education” category may vary across different vaccination sites. To the best of our knowledge, vaccine distributors are not asking for letters of eligibility attesting to the level of occupational exposure from employers.