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What measures are being taken to protect our children and teachers?

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Campus child care centers are following very stringent, important guidelines. They also continue to deploy hygiene best practices and preventive measures. Additionally, we are closely monitoring practices shared by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), County Public Health Department, and the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing

The day-to-day practices we are implementing include: 

  • Keeping teachers with the same group and in the same classroom throughout the day, as much as possible
  • Conducting daily health checks at drop-off on all children and staff entering the building
  • Reminders to families to respect the social distancing guidelines at drop off and pick up
  • Requiring that drop-off and pick-up be done outside of the center as much as possible
  • Requiring teachers and children ages 2 and older to use face coverings 
  • Placing nap mats and cribs six feet apart while children rest
  • Conducting daily cleaning and disinfecting at the end of each day