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What is the policy for families that travel? (Updated 12/16/20)

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Given uncertainty surrounding the Omicron COVID variant, Stanford recommends that individuals contemplating travel during the winter quarter as part of university programs or group travel defer making firm financial commitments until further notice. Undergraduate students, however, continue to be guided by the travel policy below (See: “Undergraduate Students”)

Stanford affiliates who traveled over the holidays should familiarize themselves with the university’s winter quarter return policies.

As a result of the Omicron COVID variant, pre-travel and post-arrival testing and quarantine requirements are continually changing at the local, national and international level. For instance, as of December 6, 2021, all U.S.-bound international travelers must test within 24 hours of departure, regardless of vaccination status or nationality. Please note that reimbursement for any mandatory quarantines associated with university-sponsored travel is the responsibility of the sending unit or department.

Given current uncertainty around entry requirements, Stanford recommends that unvaccinated non-U.S. citizens DO NOT travel outside of the United States, as return may be problematic.

Regardless of vaccination status, all individuals are required to comply with campus access restrictions and testing requirements, utilizing PCR or Color/LAMP-based COVID tests, following personal or university-sponsored travel. In addition, visitors and guests coming to campus must also complete a daily Health Attestation form.

For those planning their return to campus following the winter break, Stanford has posted protocols here. Our winter quarter return protocols include:

  • Continued masking
  • Two Color tests the first week back on campus from the winter break
  • An additional rapid test upon arrival for students who return to on-campus housing the weekend of Jan. 1-2
  • Limitations on student parties and certain other gatherings for the start of the winter quarter
  • Additional requirements for those who are unvaccinated, including a period of restricted activity for unvaccinated individuals arriving from domestic or international travel

Vaccinated individuals returning from international travel may not come to shared spaces, including class, until they receive a negative COVID test result taken on Day 0 (immediately upon return). They must also take a test on Day 5.

Unvaccinated students and employees who have traveled internationally may not return to campus, except housing, until a Day 5 negative test.

Travel to Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. territories and possessions is considered domestic travel.

As with all policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, this guidance is subject to changing health conditions.

Our facilities are complying with the university’s travel policies and we are enforcing these with all families enrolled in on-site childcare, as well as with potential tours of enrolling families. Please review Stanford’s travel policies, including requirements for returning to Stanford after traveling.