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Do Color tests fulfill travel test requirements?

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It depends on the destination and the test required. Color is a NAAT (nucleic acid amplification) RT-LAMP test. Color is not a RT-PCR test, so any destination that requires a PCR test will not accept a Color test. However, destinations that ask for NAAT tests or a LAMP test (e.g. Hawaii, the UK, etc.) will accept Color.

When you view your test result on Color, there are two links at the bottom of that page that will provide you more information on the test: 

1) “Download your complete clinical report” (Relevant section on test methodology and limitations) 

2) “See additional information about the test”

If you need a PCR test for travel, the closest option on campus is the Stanford Healthcare Hoover Pavilion Café site (211 Quarry Road), which accepts walk-ins. (