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Can I work from my vacation home or another location besides my home while I’m telecommuting? Can I work outside of the United States?

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While the university is committed to offering flexibility, at this time remote work may be granted for a temporary period by school/unit leaders (deans, vice provosts, and vice presidents or an assigned delegate), and should coincide with the current extended telecommute period until early September. 

Staff planning to temporarily move out of the area should seek manager approval in advance, and should do so with no expectation to continue a fully remote work arrangement in the fall. Staff will not typically be approved to work outside the United States. It’s also important to note that Stanford may recall an employee to return to work on-site at any time during this temporary period with reasonable advance notice. Staff required to return to on-site work will be notified at least two weeks prior to the employee’s scheduled return.

If you are planning to work from a location different from what you specified on a prior Telecommute Agreement, speak with your manager. Following manager approval, you will need to submit an updated Temporary Hybrid/Remote Work Agreement to reflect your new telework location(s). 
Learn more about remote work policies on the COVID-19 Work Arrangements page.