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Can I change the amount I am contributing to my dependent care FSA if I am not paying for child care at this time?

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Yes. Throughout the pandemic, many family’s care needs have fluctuated and reducing your future elections to your dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) is allowed (although making retroactive adjustment is not). If you receive a Child Care Subsidy Grant award in your FSA, you will continue to receive the per-pay-period award amount even if you contribute nothing further this year. It is also important to remember that the IRS has also allowed Stanford to temporarily amend its FSA rules for 2021 allowing you to carryover your full, unused 2020 dependent day care FSA balance and your full, unused CCSG balance into 2021. Your full, unused balance from 2021 will also be allowed to carryover into 2022, but after that, we expect the old rules of no carryover to return. To reduce your election, log into My Benefits and select “Change Your Benefits.” From there, select “Change in dependent care cost or provider.” Your FSA election is the only benefit election you’ll be able to change due to this circumstance.