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New Stanford COVID-19 dashboards

Categories: Campus, Health & safety, Workplace & HR

Stanford has developed new public dashboards to report the results of its COVID-19 surveillance testing for on-site members of the university community.

The dashboards can be found here. They report de-identified weekly tallies of all tests conducted through the university’s surveillance testing programs for students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars, along with numbers of positive test results and the positivity rate. The dashboards also incorporate comparative metrics for the State of California and Santa Clara County.

In addition, the dashboards provide cumulative data going back to March 2020 for positive COVID-19 test results known to Stanford, from any testing provider, both among students living on or near the Stanford campus, and among faculty, staff and postdocs whose test results were made known to Stanford and verified by a Stanford clinician.

As of Sept. 14, 2020, over the last two weeks more than 8,000 student tests have been completed at Stanford, with two positive test results. Also over the last two weeks, more than 900 Stanford-facilitated surveillance tests have been completed for on-site faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars, with no positive test results. Surveillance testing for faculty, staff and postdocs is being phased in, and all currently eligible individuals are expected to be invited by the end of this week to participate.

Stanford will continue to refine and improve the dashboards over time. Questions about the dashboards can be referred to

Details on the university’s COVID-19 screening program for students are available here. Eligibility and program details for the surveillance testing program for faculty, staff and postdocs are available here.