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Changes to processes for supply storage and mail delivery

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As the university continues to evaluate campus operations in light of current public health challenges and reductions in on-campus staffing, we are temporarily adjusting protocols and logistics for storage and mail delivery. We are making these changes to prioritize use of limited university warehouse space and resources in support of Stanford’s essential research functions and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As defined in the March 17 guidance provided to researchers in laboratories, essential research functions include:

  • Conducting critical maintenance procedures that require regular attention from a person to maintain laboratory viability. For example, providing animal support, maintaining shared computational equipment, and maintaining equipment that requires gas or cryogen monitoring/service, such as deep-storage freezers, electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, and incubators.
  • Certain clinical research; please see separate guidance from the School of Medicine.
  • COVID-19 research that has the potential to mitigate the spread of the pandemic.

Stanford is playing a vital role in responding to this crisis – in the health care we provide to local patients and in the research conducted in our labs – and these changes will further support that work. As such, the university must preserve limited storage space and resources to manage large emergency orders and supplies for our COVID-19 response. We recognize this will create challenges for some departments, and we have sought to preserve flexibility for department-level decision-making while primarily supporting COVID-19-related work.

In addition to focusing on our response to the spread of COVID-19, these adjustments are necessitated by changes that delivery services have made to their operations. Specific guidance is as follows:

Interoffice mail

Currently, the university contracts with Grainger to deliver interoffice mail, building keys that have been requested through the Land, Buildings and Real Estate lock shop and university paychecks for those who do not use direct deposit. Grainger also picks up outgoing USPS mail for the campus. Moving forward, until further notice:

  • University payroll will be mailing paychecks to home addresses. Please continue to access pay statements online through AXESS.
  • For any interoffice mail that needs to be delivered (on an emergency need only) or keys that have been cut and need to be delivered for building safety, please contact Grainger at or (650) 723-2261.

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail

USPS continues to deliver mail to campus, and all schools and departments are still responsible for managing their USPS mail. The university recommends that schools and departments consider taking the following steps, if they have not already done so:

  • Place a hold on mail with USPS
    • Pick up location for held mail: 2085 E. Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303
    • Mail can be held for a maximum of 30 days, and holds can be extended every 30 days
  • Submit a change of address for USPS mail where you can easily and safely access mail delivery
  • Temporary mail forwarding: If you are part of the COVID-19 response groups or have critical research on campus that needs mail managed outside your department, you can get your mail delivered to the warehouse at 340 Bonair Siding if there is no other mail management option. Complete a mail forwarding request here. Mail can be arranged to be picked up at the warehouse by department. Please notify Grainger at or (650) 723-2261 if you are requesting this service to discuss delivery or pick-up options. Please note that this will impact all mail being sent to this address. Grainger will also need to be provided with a list of building occupants so they can manage this service.
    • New mailing address: 340 Bonair Siding Road, Stanford, CA, 94305
    • Mail forwarding is available for 15 days up to six months
  • All buildings, schools and departments are responsible for dropping their outgoing mail in a USPS mailbox

Stanford Redwood City campus: With the exception of ID mail, which has been put on hold, mail and packages delivery and outgoing mail at the Stanford Redwood City campus is continuing as before. Please refer to the SRWC COVID-19 information page for specifics and all campus services updates.

School of Medicine: Please note that these changes and procedures DO NOT pertain to the School of Medicine.

FedEx, DHL and UPS packages

All schools and organizations across campus will continue to manage parcel delivery and should contact the shipper directly to confirm delivery instructions and arrange for other pick up options. If your group is part of the COVID-19 response team or critical research, FedEx, DHL and UPS packages can be received at the 340 Bonair Siding warehouse:

  • The mailing address is 340 Bonair Siding Road, Stanford, CA 94305
  • Someone will call the mobile phone number on the package when it arrives. When a pick-up time is determined, in accordance with Santa Clara County social distancing protocol (maintaining a 6-foot minimum distance), your package will be left on the loading dock for you to pick up.
  • Delivery information must include the following: first name, last name, Stanford department name, Mail Code and mobile phone number

Additional considerations

It is at the discretion of each department to decide on best ways to manage their deliveries and set up the appropriate protocols and contact information when placing an order. Please keep in mind that for security, most campus buildings are locked. Departments receiving on-campus deliveries should post signage about delivery protocols, arrange drop points and provide a phone number for a person on campus who can provide access and receive packages when deliveries arrive.