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Stanford update for Wednesday evening, March 18

Categories: Academics, Health & safety, Workplace & HR

Please note: Stanford is working to protect against email phishing campaigns that seek to get you to click on malicious links in emails. If you are receiving this update by email and are concerned about its authenticity, please view the web version of it on Stanford’s Health Alerts website by clicking the COVID-19 banner on the Stanford home page.

Stanford continues to operate under the Bay Area shelter-in-place order issued earlier this week to help limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. We’re posting new information for members of our community on as it becomes available.

Updates from the university for Wednesday, March 18:

WINTER QUARTER FINALS: A revised schedule was issued today for remaining winter quarter final exams that are still proceeding. Timed remote final exams that had been scheduled for Monday have been moved to this Friday. Other due dates and deadlines also have been updated. Read the new information here.

ON-CAMPUS WORK: The Office of General Counsel has provided guidance for the university community about on-campus work at Stanford, to ensure compliance with the shelter-in-place order now in effect. Read the memo here.

UPDATE YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT: If you have outdated or missing emergency contact information, now is a good time to update it in StanfordYou. The process is simple:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on Maintain your external emergency contact information
  3. Make any additions or changes
  4. Save your additions and changes

STATE WEB RESOURCE: The State of California today launched a new website providing information on steps people can take to stay healthy and find resources related to COVID-19. The website can be found at

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