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Revised winter exam schedule announced

Category: Academics

Dear Instructors,

I want to thank you for your patience in response to the delay of remaining final exams, and the suspension of deadlines for final papers and projects, following the shelter-in-place order issued by Santa Clara county. I am glad to share with you that after discussion with your Deans, a revised winter exam schedule is now in place that will allow students and instructors to conclude Winter quarter.

The revised exam schedule is designed to balance the desire to finish exams as quickly as possible with the need to minimize deadline conflicts for students who may still be traveling. Deadlines for submission of grades have also been extended and are discussed in this letter. 

Please note that these dates do not apply to courses taught within the Schools of Law and Medicine. If you are an instructor in one of those schools, they will be in touch with you about deadlines both for exams, and grade submission.

Final papers and projects:

  • Due dates for final papers and projects should be no earlier than noon on Monday, March 23.

Timed exams:

  • Timed remote final exams that were scheduled using the allocated 3-hr time slot in the winter quarter final exam schedule are rescheduled as follows:
    • Exams not completed on Monday, March 16 are moved to Friday, March 20 with the same time slot.
    • Tuesday, March 17 exams move to Monday, March 23 with the same time slot.
    • Wednesday, March 18 exams move to Tuesday, March 24 with the same time slot.
    • Thursday, March 19 exams move to Wednesday, March 25 with the same time slot.
    • Friday, March 20 exams will continue to be held on Friday, March 20 with the same time slot.
  • Take-home exams that use a format of allowing students to choose the exam time, or to have access to the exam for a period outside the standard winter quarter exam schedule, should have their due date no earlier than noon on Monday, March 23. This includes any such exams already in progress.

Deadlines for submitting grades

  • The deadline for submitting final grades for graduating students has been extended to Sunday, March 29. 
  • The deadline for submitting all other final grades has been extended to Sunday, April 5.

Many of you may still have questions. We have prepared answers to your most likely questions, now posted in the FAQ section of the teachanywhere website. If your question is not addressed in the FAQs, please contact and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Sarah Church
Vice Provost for Faculty Development, Teaching and Learning