Information for undergraduates, graduate students & postdocs

Information for undergraduates, graduate students & postdocs

Undergraduates who need to book travel immediately, please visit

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Information for all students

What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms

If you’re on campus or traveling, refer to the Vaden home page. If you’re at home, consult with your personal physician. In addition, here is university guidance on who to notify.

Is tuition being discounted for the spring quarter?

No. We understand there have been questions from students and family members about this. Here is more information:

Stanford tuition is heavily subsidized. In normal times, tuition does not cover anything near the full cost of the education at Stanford; effectively, all students, including those paying full tuition, receive a significant discount relative to the university’s actual cost. Our endowment and other sources of revenue, which we use to supplement tuition to cover the cost of education, are now greatly challenged because of the pandemic.

We believe the value of a Stanford education and degree, whether in-person or remote, continues to greatly exceed tuition. Moreover, our main educational costs (salaries for faculty and staff) are continuing, as the services they provide are continuing; our infrastructure costs are continuing; and we are incurring additional costs for online education and actions we are taking to respond to the pandemic.

We continue to work with students and families who are in financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we encourage you to reach out if you need help. Please be in touch with the Financial Aid Office or the appropriate office within your school, who can respond to your individual circumstances.  

Taking a leave of absence for spring quarter

You can take a leave of absence for spring quarter for any reason including you do not want to take remote classes. Because of the exceptional circumstances relating to COVID-19, the deadline for submitting a leave of absence for spring quarter 2020 will be Monday, April 13, 2020. You can receive a full-tuition refund if you file for a leave by this deadline. If you file for a leave after this deadline, you may be able to receive a prorated refund. If you are a graduate student, you should reach out to your department; see the Bulletin for more information. Note that some master’s programs may have different deadlines corresponding to their spring quarter start dates. Coterm students should check with their departments to verify leave of absence deadlines and tuition refund schedules. All international students considering a leave of absence should email Bechtel International Center advisors at

Guidance for coursework, research and study abroad

If your instructor is delivering a course using Zoom in Canvas, refer to these instructions to learn how to participate in your online course.

You’ll find additional information in these messages emailed to undergraduate students, graduate students and post-docs, and Bing Overseas Studies Program participants.

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Information for undergraduates

Find information for undergraduates here.

Information for graduate students and postdocs

Find information for graduate students and postdocs here.

International students and scholars concerns

Bechtel International Center has posted FAQ and is ready to assist individual students. Find more information here.

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Residence Deans

Here to help undergraduates with personal concerns. Find your RD. For immediate assistance, contact the RD on call at 650-504-8022

Graduate Life Office Deans

Here for grad students with personal concerns. For immediate assistance:

  • Text the GLO pager at Include your name and reason for paging in the message.
  • Call the GLO pager at 650-723-7288. You will reach a Stanford operator. Provide pager ID #25085 and indicate that you need to reach the graduate dean-on-call.

Counseling and Psychological Services 

Here’s where to start for an in-person or telephone appointment.

Academic Advising

For undergraduate students, contact your academic advising director or, for student-athletes, your AARC advisor.

For graduate students, keep in touch with your advisor and/or department. 

Student Services Center

For the quickest response, please submit a ServiceNow Ticket.

Bechtel International Center

Bechtel is open during business hours. Here’s more information.