How to attend classes online using Zoom in Canvas

How to attend classes online using Zoom in Canvas

Zoom is a video conferencing and recording tool that can be integrated with Canvas. Stanford UIT offers free Zoom accounts to all Stanford faculty, staff, and students. If your instructor is using Zoom, here’s what you need to do.

Test your setup beforehand

Try the Test Meeting to make sure your software and audio is set up.

Find the Zoom meeting link for your class

If the meeting was scheduled via Canvas, the Zoom meeting link is

  • In the Canvas course, under Zoom 
  • In Canvas Calendar, as an event
  • In a Canvas event notification (in your email if notifications are on)
  • In the Zoom app

Join a Zoom session

Click the Zoom meeting link several minutes before your meeting, as you may be prompted to download Zoom to to your PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Follow the instructions to join computer audio and mute yourself if that isn’t default. Unmute when you want to talk. In most cases, your instructor should be recording the session so you can watch it later, but if you can participate, you should try.

How can I get help?

Call 5-Help (650) 725-4357 (option 5) or visit but first check your internet connectivity. While you wait, call the phone number for your meeting, to hear its audio, but mute as needed. Most of your sessions should be recorded as well.

Find recordings of a Zoom meeting in Canvas

If the meeting was scheduled via Canvas and recorded, the Zoom recording will be in the Canvas course in the Zoom tool > Cloud Recordings tab a few hours after the meeting ends.